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At Onen Emporium and Onen Tattoo, we cater to a certain type of discerning customer. They usually have an appreciation of dark humour, intricate and mysterious art and ancient curios…
They love the eerie and intriguing…
the bizarre and magical…
Many of our customers keep coming back to us because they love to be immersed in this wonderful, bewitching culture, where it’s Halloween all year round!

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Onen Emporium Tree Art

Onen Emporium Falmouth Tarrarium

We only stock items from ethical sources, and from cultivated, talented creators. A range of unusual Jewellery and select Antique and Vintage items. Our Artwork and Curios with an alternative twist, are inspired by gothic, tribal and ethnic culture, and the stunning Cornish landscape.

Onen Emporium Victorian Glass

Onen Emporium Eye Necklace Pendant


Owner, designer and creator, Kim, built Onen Jewellery as a necessity after she struggled to find the perfect jewellery for a very special occasion:

I love all things creative and spent six years studying fine art. I graduated in 2009 and struggled to choose a direction for my creativity.
Onen Jewellery was born primarily out of frustration.
I got married in June 2011 and struggled to find a unique look for my bridal outfit and jewellery.
I had already experimented with some jewellery-making, so set about designing and making my own tiara and jewellery for the big day.
This soon escalated into creating invitations, bunting, decorations and boutonnieres.
It really was the icing on the cake to have the jewellery, boutonnieres and accessories co-ordinated so well and added a little extra sparkle on the day.”

Onen Emporium Earrings Jewellery

View our Onen Emporium Gallery to see for yourself, some of our stunning jewellery and artefacts. Most of our pieces are one of a kind, so be sure to reserve that special item by getting in touch.

Onen Tattoo Studio in Falmouth

Our Onen Tattoo Gallery shows off some of our spellbinding tattoo designs. Contact us if you see one you like, or if you have your own Tattoo Design.

Onen Tattoo Design Falmouth

Our Website shop is under construction at the moment, but in the meantime, check out our Etsy Shop.